Welding Wire Makes Welding Easier

Our company is professional in manufacturing welding wire. We produce four kinds of welding wire: copper welding wire, aluminum welding wire, stainless steel welding wire and silver welding wire. Every kind of welding wire has different package styles (basket, plastic spool, coil, etc.) and various specifications (weight, diameters). You can choose from the products that we have, and we can also produce according to your requirements.We work closely with our customers to meet their demands and to produce high quality welding wire products they need.

Four kinds of welding wire, spool copper, aluminum, silver and basket SS welding wire, a welder welding a SS tube.

Whatever you need depending on whatever you do. You should choose welding wire on the basis of their characteristics and application area.

  • Copper coated welding wire has anti-pore property because of its unique surface treatment, so it can make the welding effect better. It is mainly used to weld copper and its alloys.
  • Aluminum welding wire is mainly used in the welding of aluminum and its alloys (Al-Mn, Al-Mg-Si alloy material).
  • Stainless steel welding wire has specular appearance. It is mainly used to weld single stainless steel parts. And it is able to used in the machine that produce food.
  • Silver welding wire is widely used to weld various precise instruments in refrigeration, electrode, electric, aerospace field.

Tips for storage of welding wire:

  • Warehouse that is used to store welding wire should have an environment of dry and ventilated.
  • Welding wire can not be stored together with water, acid, alkali and other corrosive liquids that have the property of volatilization.
  • Welding wire should be placed on wooden pallets, it can not be placed directly on the floor of warehouse or against the wall to avoid moisture.
  • Be careful not to break the packing when access and transport welding wire, especially the inner packing (the film that will shrink when be heated).
  • Use it up as soon as possible after opening the package of welding wire (requires less than a week). Once the welding wire is exposed in the air directly, its anti-rust time will be significantly shorter (particularly in humid, corrosive environment).
  • Release welding wire according to the principle of "first in first out" to minimize the time that products stay in warehouse.
  • Store welding wire according to species and specification to prevent mistakes when use it.

There are some matters needing attention when operating welding wire:

  • Wear suitable gloves and face mask to ensure safety of operators.
  • Do not touch the welded area in case of scalded.
  • Choose applicable current: AC or DC.
  • Suitable feeding speed of welding wire.
Hot Products

Copper Coated Welding Wire

Copper welding wire has the anti-pore property because of its unique surface treatment, so it can make the welding effect better.

Aluminum Welding Wire

Aluminum welding wire is mainly used to weld aluminum and its alloys, like: aluminum scooter, railway, medical equipment, etc.

Stainless Steel Welding Wire

Stainless steel welding wire has good corrosion resistance and both AC and DC are applicable, so it is welcomed by many people.

Silver Welding Wire

Silver welding wire is mainly used to weld various precise instruments, like: hardware, electronic, aerospace, oil exploration, etc.