ASMM Welding Wire - Your Best Choice

Our company is a professional manufacturer of welding wire. With time goes by, our products are becoming more and more perfect. Diameters and weights of welding wire are various, and the package style are also various. There are four kinds of welding wire:

Four kinds of welding wire, basket copper welding wire, plastic spool silver and ss welding wire, coil aluminum welding wire.

It is important to choose right welding wire for better welding effect. If you choose welding wire of bad quality, not only the appearance of seam is ugly, but also the articles welded is short-life. So there are some reasons why to choose us.

Rich experience
We have rich experience in manufacturing welding wire. All workers are trained strictly before they join in the product line. We continuously increase technology investment and improve manufacture process, so we have produced the products with excellent properties such as higher safety performance, easier to operate and more innovative style.

Excellent quality
Each Step of manufacture process is tested strictly. Both diameters and weights are precise. Therefore, we guarantee the quality of welding wire we manufactured. And we believe that consumers will be satisfied with our products.

Competitive price
We sell welding wire with competitive price. You can compare our products with others, you will know ours meet your requirement best.

Best service
We would serve you wholeheartedly, and please email us at if you have any questions.